Women’s Self-Defense

“Now, you can have the confidence and ‘explosive moves’ to easily protect yourself (and your loved ones) from physical harm or life-threatening situations using an amazingly ‘simple’ fighting system… no matter what your age or physical condition — even if you’ve never been in a real fight before!” 

“You Don’t Need Previous Training Or Experience… You Don’t Need Big Muscles Co-Ordination Or Be In Good Shape”

Women’s Self Defense
A woman’s self defense mind set can be developed through proper instruction and mental conditioning. In today’s society, where one in four women will be a victim of a attempted or completed sexual assault, rape, date rape, mugging, assault or attack in their life time, one in three in college. Our information and self defense program provides training that is essential for every woman. Don’t live in fear of being assaulted, grabbed, squeezed, thrown down or mugged and especially Don’t be a victim, educate your self and your loved ones.

Mother/Daughter Self-defense
This class is set in the same format as the Women’s Self-defense class, but it has been tailored to mothers and daughters coming to class together. There is no greater gift a mother can provide to her daughter than the skills to defend themselves. This is a fun class and is more special because you get to share it with a loved one.

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