Dojo Tournaments: 

These are good events for younger and beginner students to get an introduction to karate tournaments.  The MKI dojo tournaments are held at MKI locations and are only open to MKI members, the referees at these events are the MKI instructors. These events are fun and create positive experiences for all participants.


MKI Olympic Championship:

Once students have become more comfortable with dojo tournaments, we recommend they try our MKI Olympic Championship; these tournaments bring the participation of all the MKI locations in Tri city area.

 tournament-slider-4(Karate Ontario 2005)

Provincial Tournaments:

The next level of competition is strongly encouraged for all intermediate students. For intermediate students 13 years and up there is the opportunity to qualify for the provincial karate team. Qualification for the Provincial Team is only available through competing at KAO Grand Prix tournaments. Junior and Senior MKI Competition Team members at this level are required to make a strong commitment to training and attendance at team practices.


Karate Canada National Championships:

Those students who gain enough points at the provincial tournaments may be invited to be on the Provincial Karate Team and represent Ontario at the National Championships.

Team members at this level should be prepared to make a serious time commitment and financial sacrifice, as there are more training sessions and some travel involved.


Remember that there are many benefits to participating in competitions/tournaments. They allow you to conquer your fears, and give you a new experience to share with others. Those who take part in these types of events will receive both physical and psychological advantages.